Honorable loan companies awards

Honorable loan companies awards

The Consumer Loan interchangeably referred to as the Customer’s loan is a prestigious award that is allocated by consumers themselves. The effect of granting this award is the annual selection of the most popular products and brands in their categories.

Surveys are conducted both by phone and online

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For us consumers, this means that a given company enjoys widespread trust in the market, while for companies it is information from customers which products are the most popular in a given group.

It is worth noting that anyone can take part in the Consumer Loan plebiscite because the surveys are conducted both by phone and online. In 2015 customers appreciated the non-banking market, Filarum can boast of the 2015 Gold Consumer Loan, while silver went to Vivus.

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Widgets visible on loan companies

When browsing the website of the loan institution, pay attention to the widgets of the companies and organizations with which it works. Usually, this type of information is posted at the bottom of the home page. We can often find widgets there, including Daniel, the Conference of Financial Entrepreneurs (KPF) in Poland and the Association of Loan Companies (ZFP).

Each of these widgets means something completely different because the cooperation of a given company takes place in a completely different segment.

The Widget of the Conference of Financial Entrepreneurs in Poland (KPF) is information for us that a given loan company cares for the development of the industry and adheres to the KPF code, and also develops and cares about the education of the entire market.

In turn, the symbol ZFP (Association of Loan Companies) means that the institution is a member of the organization of loan companies operating on the Internet. ZFP’s task is to build a positive image of the loan industry, which is why ZFP requires its members to provide high-standard financial services.

The Rich loan widget presents the opinion of customers about a given company. We can see the number of stars awarded by customers above the Rich loan logo. So this is an objective assessment of people who have used the services of a particular loan company. Additionally, on Rich loan’s website, we can check the expert opinion expressed in the monthly ranking.

An example of widgets from cash credit

An example of widgets from cash credit

When browsing the websites of loan companies, we can also come across certificates issued by BIG, KRD, and ERIF. These certificates inform us about payment reliability and timeliness in paying all fees.

The distinction Firm is a BIG certificate confirming current financial credibility, which means that the company pays its liabilities in a timely manner.

The KRD Reliable Company is information that a given institution is financially reliable and is committed to compliance with business ethics and the services it offers are rendered at the highest level.

The ERIF Receivables Security Certificate confirms the application of a security policy in receivables management.

When choosing a loan institution, it is worth paying attention to its certificates and cooperation with other institutions. Thanks to this, we can check how the company is assessed by market participants, specialists and other clients who have already used the services of a given company.